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La Casa Tropical (12" EP) LCT 001 (2)
Africa, Disco
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synth-boogie pearls from South Africa (1986)
Timmy Thomas : Africano
T.K Disco (12" EP) TKD 072 (6)
Africa, Afro-Disco, Disco
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Disco, Daniele Baldelli classic !
Various Artists : FLEE Issue N°1 - Benga Music (A Signature Genre From Kenya)
FLEE ‎ (12" LP) FLEE001
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Kenya Music + Silkscreen magazine
Various Artists : Duomo Sounds Ltd. - Nigerian 80's Disco Music To Move Your Soul
Odion Livingstone (2x12" LP) LIVST005 (1)
Africa, Afro-Disco, Disco, News
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Amazing collection of Afro-Disco music released in the 80s on the Nigerian label Duomo Music Ltd. - TIP!
Various Artists : Pantsula! The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-1990
Rush Hour Recordings (2x12" LP) RHMC 003 (2)
Africa, Afro-Disco, News
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Top Compilation of South African Bubblegum & Kwaito compiled by DJ Okapi & Antal
Various Artists : Senegal 70
Analog Africa (2x12" LP) AALP079
Africa, Jazz
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Unique fusions of funk, mbalax, son cubano, and Mandingue guitar sounds from 60s and 70s Senegal!
Witch : Kuomboka
Invisible City Editions (12" LP) ICE-006
Africa, Afro-Disco, Disco
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Reissue of Witch's juicy 1984 LP