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Ambient / Folk / Experimental

Die Orangen : Saft 1
Malka Tuti (12" EP) MALKATUTI 0018
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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Dire Wolves / Head Of Wantastiquet : Head Of Wantastiquet / Dire Wolves
Pome Pome Tones (Cassette Tape) PPT-7
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Avantgarde
Keys Of Life (2x12" LP) life-29 (3)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco, House, Sex Tags
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Opening up for loosely leftfield (Disco) House related, free styling, pulsating Electronica / Ambient
DsorDNE : È Un Sole
Dark Entries (12" LP) DE-206 (10)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Reissue from 1990, Experimental, Post Punk
Equiknoxx : Colón Man
Demdike Stare (2x12" LP) DDS027
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Reggae / Dub, Techno
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Equiknoxx’s debut album proper, following the hugely acclaimed 'Bird Sound Power' (Number 2 in both RA and FACT albums of the year 2016), featuring 13 brand new nuggets recorded over the last 12 months and featuring darker, more psychedelic, starkly dubbed perspectives on up-to-the-second dancehall.
G.E.N : Time Square
Sound Metaphors Records (12" EP) SMR05
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
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Ambient Techno Reissue from 1994. Bomb!
Gabriel Saloman : Movement Building Vol. 3
Shelter Press (12" LP) SP085LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Gabriel Saloman completes his Movement Building cycle of works for dance on Shelter Press with a pensively climactic third volume. Plangent echoes of monotone Krautrock and militant snare rolls march across a cinematic no-man’s-lands, urged by shoegaze guitars and neo-classical chamber orchestration
Gaussian Curve : The Distance
Music From Memory (12" EP) MFM018 (9)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory
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“The Distance is a different musical beats to its predecessor, but shares the same timeless, emotion-rich feel that made Clouds such a hit. While the fundamental ingredients remain the same - Masin’s masterly piano and synthesiser work, Nash’s blissful, meandering guitar lines, and Stewrk’s synths."
Offen Music (2x12" LP) OFFENMUSIC 009
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Vladimir Ivkovic - Offen Music
Grischa Lichtenberger : Spielraum | Allgegenwart | Strahlung
Raster-Noton (3x12" LP Box) R-N168-2 (14)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco
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Political drone, noise ballads, mechanical rhythms. Raster-Noton
Frederiksberg Records (12" LP) FRB 003
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Official re-issue of Danish electronic music from 1974! ‘Stoned’ by Gunner Møller Pedersen is a pioneering partly-electronic composition. Gunner believes that it’s musically “out of category”. It was created for a slide show with focus on sculptures by the late american photographer Stuart Fox.
Haku : Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music Of Haku)
EM Japan (12" LP) EM1136LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Japan
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Diskant (12" EP) DISK09
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House, Techno
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Percussive, Dancehall, Dub, Techno, Leftfield House TIP :) !!
Hinosch : Hands
TAL (12" LP) TAL ‎– 09
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Experimental, rhythms, electronic
Hinosch : Hinosch
TAL (12" EP) TAL005EP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Crooked, absorbing rhythm ’n noise deviation from Koshiro Hino (YPY) and Stefan Schneider’s Hinosch, dispatched via the latter’s TAL label; home to LPs by Kenya’s Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women’s Band, and Japan’s Non Band.
Hunee : Hunchin' All Night
Rush Hour Recordings (2x12" LP) RHMC 001
Africa, Afro-Disco, Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Detroit Techno / Electro, Disco, House, News, Techno
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Hunee :)