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Ariel Kalma : An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979)
Rvng Intl. (2x12" LP) RERVNG05
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock, Jazz
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Incredible Spiritual Jazz and Tape Loop experiments
B12 : Electro-Soma
Warp (2x12" LP) WARP LP9R
Back In Stock, Techno
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IDM, UK Techno Classic
C Cat Trance : Screaming Ghosts
Malka Tuti (2x12" LP) MT009
Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk, Reggae / Dub
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Post-Punk, Middle Eastern Dub, Dance
Clara Mondshine : Luna Africana
The Great Thunder (12" LP) TGT432
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Sublime Berlin School, Ambient Krautrock cult classic.
Die Orangen : Zest
Malka Tuti (2x12" LP) MTLP001
Back In Stock, Balearic, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Killer "Kraut-Back" From Kris Baha & Dreems - TIP!
DJ Bert & Eagle : I Am Your Master
Stroom (12" EP) STR12-007
Back In Stock, Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Cult Organ 7" Horror Synth Disco !
DJ Harvey : The Sound Of Mercury Rising
Pikes Records (12" EP) pikes12001
Back In Stock, Balearic, Disco
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Superb Disco, DJ Harvey style !
Hiroshi Yoshimura : Pier & Loft
17853 Records (12" LP) RFLP004
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Asia, Back In Stock, Japan
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Effortless, Serene Japanese Minimalism & Ambient
Instinct : Mindsearch
Sound Metaphors Records (12" EP) SMR002
Back In Stock, Detroit House, Detroit Techno / Electro, House, Techno
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Detroit Techno reissued, mixed by Anthony Shake Shakir
Jennifer Lara : Music By The Score
Cry Tuff (7') DKR-122
Back In Stock, Reggae / Dub
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1979 Heavy roots backing for Jennifer Lara on a version of The Pargons "Memories By The Score" rhythm, produced by Prince Far I with killer a dubwise.
Jiraffe : Out'A The Box
Omaggio (12" EP) OMAGGIO-001
Back In Stock, Disco, House
12.50 Buy
Proto-House from 1988
László Hortobágyi : Transrepublica Meccano
Lullabies For Insomniacs (12" LP) LFI 009
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
24.00 Buy
Hungarian Ambient, A Tapestry Of Sample Based Magic Transcribed From Travels Across The Orient
Letta Mbulu : In The Music The Village Never Ends
Be With Records (12" LP) bewith006lp
Africa, Afro-Disco, Back In Stock
25.00 Buy
Holy Grail south African gem originally released in 1983 - includes the very very sought after "Nomalizo" and the excellent "Down By The River"
Lino Capra Vaccina : Antico Adagio
Die Schachtel (12" LP) DS27 1
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
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Hauntingly spirited Minimalist New Age recorded in 1978
Little John : False News
Channel One (7') DKR-084-JJ
Back In Stock, Reggae / Dub
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Killer Synth Version
Lloyd Clarke : Hell & Heaven
Super Star (7') DKR-229
Back In Stock, Reggae / Dub
10.00 Buy
Lovers Rock, King Tubby Dub Version