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2 Katara : Break At Home
Into The Light (2x12" LP) ITL006 (9)
Balearic, Music From Memory
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Excellent Greek Experimental Synth-Wave
Akis : Space, Time and Beyond (Selected Works 1986-2016)
Into The Light (2x12" LP) ITL005
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory
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Angelo Ioakimoglu : The Nireus Years (1995​-​1997)
Into The Light (12" LP) ITL007
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Jazz, boogie, ambient 4th world styles - TIP ! :)
Antena : Camino Del Sol
Numero Group (2x12" LP) NUM002
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Cabaret Du Ciel : Skies In The Mirror
Hybride Sentimento (12" LP) HYB.001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic
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Cabaret Du Ciel was an electronic research project based on atmospheric ambient and harmonic textures.
Codek : Closer / Tam Tam
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-165 (19)
Africa, Balearic, Disco
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Reissue from 1981 (WAM), Futuristic, Electronic, Afro, Tropical …
El Turronero : New Hondo
Pharaway Sounds (12" LP) PHS 042 (18)
Balearic, Disco
25.00 Buy
Gaussian Curve : The Distance
Music From Memory (12" EP) MFM018 (9)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory
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“The Distance is a different musical beats to its predecessor, but shares the same timeless, emotion-rich feel that made Clouds such a hit. While the fundamental ingredients remain the same - Masin’s masterly piano and synthesiser work, Nash’s blissful, meandering guitar lines, and Stewrk’s synths."
Music From Memory (2x12" LP) MFM025 (18)
Balearic, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Experimental, Proto-House, New-Wave, Boogie-Funk, Dub-Reggae!
Jean-Pierre Boistel, Tony Kenneybrew ‎ : Percussions Pour La Danse
Left Ear Records (12" LP) LER 1016
Africa, Balearic, Jazz
26.00 Buy
Deep late 80's percussion LP created to accompany contemporary jazz-dance classes. African instrumentation meets Western Jazz arrangements and computer technology. TIP!
Jonny Nash : Eden
Melody As Truth (12" LP) MAT6
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic
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Ambient, Balearic, New Age, Jazz
Ned Doheny : Hard Candy
Be With Records (12" LP) bewith003lp (12)
Back In Stock, Balearic
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Ned Doheny’s Hard Candy is widely considered the finest blue-eyed soul album of all time. Soft Rock, Balearic, Disco.. Check the killer "Get It Up For Love". TIP !
Nilamayé : Las Flores Del Sol
Les Disques Bongo Joe ‎ (12" LP) BJR012 (12)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic
21.50 Buy
Enchanting, rhythmelodic Cumbia meditations from modern day Colombia.
Pablo Eye : Spring Break
Stroom (12" LP) STRLP-012
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Jazz, New Wave / Post-Punk
25.50 Buy
Pat And Pats : Tobago (& Remixes)
Disco Segreta (12" EP) DS M 006
Balearic, Disco
19.00 Buy
Italo Disco Bomb !! Highly Recommended
SK U Kno : U KNO
Rush Hour Recordings (12" LP) RHD-033U KNO
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory
23.00 Buy
SK is a man that many of U (might) Kno already. Here he is in more 'out-there' mode. A strong LP of abstractions from this very talented L.A. bred / Amsterdam based musician... Comes with Insert. TIP!