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Grotto : Wait... No Hurry
Odion Livingstone (12" LP) LIVST004
Africa, Afro-Disco, Disco, News
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Class Reissue of Nigerian Boogie Disco Grail LP! Contains Dance Classic "Bad City Girl"
Helen : Witch / Zanzibar
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-066 (19)
Afro-Disco, Disco
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Reissue from 1985 (OUT) - Italo-Disco Classic ! - BIG TIP !
Hokis Pokis : The Magic Of Hokis Pokis
Luv N' Haight (2x12" LP) LHLP071
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Formed in 1970, Hokis Pokis was a seminal band in the New York disco scene with a handful of underground local hit singles including the highly-sought after “Nowhere” “Find What You’re Looking For” and “City Rhythm”.
Hunee : Hunchin' All Night
Rush Hour Recordings (2x12" LP) RHMC 001
Africa, Afro-Disco, Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Detroit Techno / Electro, Disco, House, News, Techno
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Hunee :)
Emotional Rescue (12" EP) ERC059 (8)
Africa, Afro-Disco, Disco
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Lata Ramasar : The Greatest Name That Lives / Hiway Xpress
(12" EP) LR-TGNTL-AA edit (1)
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
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Now legendary Alessandro Adriani remixes of Hindustani disco! TIP!
Mainpoint : Alaska Wartet / Frisbee
Growing Bin Records (7') GBR012
14.00 Buy
Boogie-disco, 1980s Germany.
Midnightrats : Goalmaker
Magic Circus Productions (12" EP) MCP 001
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Disco reissue, 1983 Italy.
Mono Band : Ghost Town
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-203 (10)
15.50 Buy
Reissue from 1984, Italo-Disco
Nar'chiveol : Espérance Music Wir
Décale (12" LP) DéC001
Afro-Disco, Disco, News
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Zouk, Guadeloupe, Check B2 -'Apocalypse Now Ho'!
Nohelani Cypriano : Nohelani
Be With Records (12" LP) bewith008lp
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Superb Hawaiian Disco LP
Oluko Imo : Praise Jah
Invisible City Editions (12" EP) ICE 012 (8)
Afro-Disco, Disco, Reggae / Dub
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An elevated electronic mantra that perfectly fuses synthy soca disco with spiritual afro-Trinidadian leanings. It’s a timeless piece of music that sounds as visionary today as it did when it emerged from the aether back in 1979.
Ozo : Anambra
Isle Of Jura (12" EP) ISLE004 (19)
Afro-Disco, Disco, News, Reggae / Dub
11.50 Buy
Ritualistic, Dubby Disco - Buddhism & Nyabinghi Collide!
Pat And Pats : Tobago (& Remixes)
Disco Segreta (12" EP) DS M 006
Balearic, Disco
19.00 Buy
Italo Disco Bomb !! Highly Recommended
Patrick Cowley ‎ : Muscle Up
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE-106
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
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:) we love Patrick Cowley !!
Patrick Cowley ‎ : School Daze
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE-052
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
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