Reichenberger Str. 152
10999 Berlin


Bjørn Torske : Høst (DJ Sotofett’s Støydubb)
Sex Tags Mania (12" EP) MANIA 27
House, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
Excursion, Jazzy House :)
Carl Jacobs And Carol Jacobs : Yonge Street Jam Band
Emotional Rescue (12" EP) ERC042
Africa, House
13.00 Buy
Soca, House Bomb !!! Killer :)
Denis Mpunga & Paul K : Criola Remixed
Music From Memory (12" EP) MFM023
Africa, House, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
18.00 Buy
MFM's curious and utterly killer Afro/Belgian electronic project gets the re-whip by a bunch of current producers. The EP also includes the previously unreleased, Veronika V02 (a synth bass heavy version of the compilation track, Veronika 02).
DJ Dog & Double Dancer : Rebound Lounge 2
Rebound Lounge (12" EP) RELO 2
House, News, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
Basketball House!
DJ Dove : God 'O Mighty EP
Sound Metaphors Records (12" EP) SMR001
Disco, House
8.50 Buy
Classy 1994 House gem carefully re-issued
DJ Fett Birger : Rook On Remixes And Bogos
Sound Metaphors Records (12" EP) SMR03
10.00 Buy
DJ Fett Burger : Burger Trip
Mongo Fett ‎ (12" EP) FETT202
House, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
Bomb :) Percussive House
DJ Fett Burger : Track One
Mongo Fett ‎ (12" EP) FETT303
House, Sex Tags, Techno
8.50 Buy
Leftfield House trips
Dj Normal 4 : Vivid EP
Klasse Wrecks (12" LP) WRECKS010
Back In Stock, House, Techno
10.50 Buy
Acid/Breakbeat House
Dj Sotofett : Drippin' For A Tripp (Tripp-A-Dubb-Mix)
Honest Jon's Records (2x12" LP) HJP 74
House, Sex Tags
20.00 Buy
House Excursion, TIP! :)
DJ Sotofett, SVN : Current 82 (12 Mix) / Dark Plan 5
Keys Of Life (12" EP) LIFE12IN-27
House, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
House Excursion. TIP :)
Wania (12" EP) WANIA 9106
House, Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Sex Tags
Keys Of Life (2x12" LP) life-29
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco, House, Sex Tags
18.50 Buy
Opening up for loosely leftfield (Disco) House related, free styling, pulsating Electronica / Ambient
DJ Sotofett, Vera Dvale : Soukas Mix / Dybden
Wania (12" EP) WANIA 9107
House, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
House, Drone/Ambient.. Tip! : )
E-Gzr : Metalurgic Funk Vol. 1
Wania (12" EP) Wania 9105
House, Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Sex Tags
Gemini : On The North Star With Gemini
Peacefrog (12" EP) PF 065
Chicago House, House, News
12.50 Buy
Chicago House