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Ozel AB : Workshop 24
(12" EP) workshop24
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Beautifully deep Ambient House pulses
Paradon't : Thrd Mpct Ep
DISK (12" EP) DISK10
House, Techno
10.50 Buy
Polyrhythmic, dark ambient psychedelia . Don't DJ.
Ponk + Omega III : Grafiti Tapes 7
Klasse Wrecks (Cassette Tape) Grafiti Tapes 7
House, Techno
10.00 Buy
A historical celebration of early UK forays into both hip-hop and graffiti, the embryonic stages of a scene beginning to find its own unique style in the late 80s/early 90s. This C60 tape features pieces made especially for the project and a heady mix of UK Rap, Breakbeat and fast Britcore styles.
Rudow : Rudow
Freakout Cult (12" EP) CULT 07 (3)
House, Sex Tags, Techno
8.50 Buy
Sex Tags Techno
SJ Tequilla : Session 01-04
Shot Of T (12" EP) SOT 01 (3)
House, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
Warm House Excursion
Shot Of T (12" EP) SOT 02 (3)
House, Sex Tags
9.00 Buy
Sex Tags
Club No-No (12" EP) NO-NO 5
House, Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Techno, Sex Tags
Various Artists : 4 To The Floor Presents Fourth Floor Records
Fourth Floor Records (2x12" LP) FTTF004
26.50 Buy
90' Classic House, Deep House
Various Artists : Check Your Reality
candomblé (10'' EP) CNDMBLE 001
Back In Stock, House
14.00 Buy
Killer downtempo excursion house :) TIP !
Various Artists : Wania Presenterer Dritdypt Vol. 1
Wania (12" EP) WANIA 9109 (15)
House, Sex Tags
8.50 Buy
Excursion House :)
Various Artists : Welcome To Paradise Vol. III: Italian Dream House 90-94
Safe Trip (2x12" LP) ST 003-3
25.50 Buy
Italian House 90-94
Virginia : Blue Pyramid
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-181 (10)
House, Techno
15.50 Buy
Reissue from 1988, Acid House + remixes
Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt : Instrumentalmusik Von Der Mitte Der World
Growing Bin Records (2x12" LP) GBR 013
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House
28.50 Buy
Growing Bin burst into 2018 with a bang, crash and symbol splash, uniting a premier pair of per-cussion obsessives for a supernatural mission into the heart of the rhythm.
Going Good (12" EP) GOOD-11 (3)
House, Sex Tags, Techno
12.50 Buy
Polyrhythmic Deep House & Techno tracks
DJ Sotofett, Zarate_Fix : Sands Of Time / Coiled Acid Mix
Wania (10'' EP) WANIA Ti90 (3)
8.50 Buy
Acid House/Techno Excursion