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New Wave / Post-Punk

Dub Syndicate : Tunes From The Missing Channel
On-U Sound ‎ (12" LP) ONULP38
New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Reggae / Dub
24.50 Buy
Reggae, On-U Style Industrial Funk, Outernational Digidub
East Wall : Silence
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE-145 (10)
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
26.00 Buy
Reissue of an Italo/Pop/Wave strike from 1981.
Eye : Cocktail Mexico
Knekelhuis (10'' EP) KH012
New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
13.00 Buy
Synth-Pop, Acid, New Wave
Fireplays : Allein / Hormone
Disco Segreta (12" EP) DS M 005
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk, News
17.00 Buy
Crucial German New Wave Disco reissued thanks to our friends Disco Segreta !
Offen Music (2x12" LP) OFFENMUSIC 009
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
24.00 Buy
Vladimir Ivkovic - Offen Music
Music From Memory (2x12" LP) MFM025 (18)
Balearic, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
25.00 Buy
Experimental, Proto-House, New-Wave, Boogie-Funk, Dub-Reggae!
Greyhouse : New Beats The House
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-166 (10)
House, New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
15.50 Buy
Reissue from 1989, New beat - Acid
Jah Wobble : The Lago Years
Emotional Rescue (2x12" LP) ERC 035
New Wave / Post-Punk, Reggae / Dub
25.00 Buy
A captivating listen that touches on post punk and no wave all the way through to dreamy psychedelia and the kind of world music Jah Wobble would become so well known for later on in his career. An essential collection for any lovers of leftfield music and mysticism.
Jensen Interceptor : Delayed Response
Power Station (12" EP) PS006
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
11.00 Buy
KILLER 1980s EBM & dark Synth Disco relying, current club tracks
Kris Baha : Autora
CockTail d'Amore Music (12" EP) CDA020 (11)
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
13.50 Buy
Lata Ramasar : The Greatest Name That Lives / Hiway Xpress
(12" EP) LR-TGNTL-AA edit (1)
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
12.00 Buy
Now legendary Alessandro Adriani remixes of Hindustani disco! TIP!
Michele Mercure : Eye Chant
Freedom To Spend (12" LP) FTS001 (9)
Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk
24.50 Buy
Exceptional Minimal Synth reissue (Quick Shower Music, 1986).... BIG TIP!
Mosa : Grafiti Tapes 8
(Cassette Tape) Grafiti Tapes 8
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House, New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
10.00 Buy
Mosa’s tape for Grafiti Tapes includes original music made by the artist, these tracks are hard to define but vague strains and sounds of trap, gothic and experimental music can be heard in this weird and twisted hybrid. Equally loose and organic, the music soundtracks Mosa’s visual art seamlessly.
Night Moves : Transdance
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-150 (10)
New Wave / Post-Punk
15.50 Buy
Reissue from 1981, New Wave / Synth Pop
Pablo Eye : Spring Break
Stroom (12" LP) STRLP-012
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Jazz, New Wave / Post-Punk
25.50 Buy
Patrick Cowley ‎ : Muscle Up
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE-106
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
27.00 Buy
:) we love Patrick Cowley !!