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Reggae / Dub

Don Papa : Coming To My Yard / Kambo Super Dub
Amfibia (7') AMFIBIA 09
Reggae / Dub, Sex Tags
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Reggae-esque downtempo & dub cuts
Don Papa & Submarine : Come 2 Gether / Moss Dub Massive
Amfibia (7') AMFIBIA 11
Reggae / Dub, Sex Tags
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Sex Tags Dub
Dub Oven : Skin 'N' Bones
Music From Memory (12" EP) MFM 026
Music From Memory, News, Reggae / Dub
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Hybrid New Wave/Electronic Funk
Equiknoxx : Colón Man
Demdike Stare (2x12" LP) DDS027
News, Reggae / Dub
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Psychedelic, Mutant Dancehall
Jah Wobble : The Lago Years
Emotional Rescue (2x12" LP) ERC 035
New Wave / Post-Punk, Reggae / Dub
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A captivating listen that touches on post punk and no wave all the way through to dreamy psychedelia and the kind of world music Jah Wobble would become so well known for later on in his career. An essential collection for any lovers of leftfield music and mysticism.
Kambo Super Sound, Don Papa : Kulpe / Outcast Two (Latino Rub)
Amfibia (7') AMFIBIA 18
Reggae / Dub, Sex Tags
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Sex Tags Dub
October : Death Drums
No Corner (Cassette Tape) NC010
Reggae / Dub, Techno
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A much-respected lynchpin of Bristol’s mutant techno scene, Julian Smith a.k.a. October offers a smoking set of electro-dub deviations for his hometown’s NoCorner crew.
Oluko Imo : Praise Jah
Invisible City Editions (12" EP) ICE 012
Afro-Disco, Disco, Reggae / Dub
22.00 Buy
An elevated electronic mantra that perfectly fuses synthy soca disco with spiritual afro-Trinidadian leanings. It’s a timeless piece of music that sounds as visionary today as it did when it emerged from the aether back in 1979.
SKRS : RunComeTestEP!
No Corner (12" EP) NC12005/BKV014
News, Reggae / Dub, Techno
12.50 Buy
Smoke-Damaged Dubplate Murder, Frayed, Open-Ended Psychedelia & Tuff, Bassline-Centered Minimalism..
PAN (12" LP) PAN80
Reggae / Dub, Techno
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Mutant Dancehall