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154 : Strike
NWAQ ‎ (2x12" LP) APE-LP01
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
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Classic repress : Ambient Techno, House
Agrippa : Mygraine Urgraine
Version (12" EP) version011
12.00 Buy
Grime, developed Electro & leftfield Techno
Mannequin Records (12" EP) MNQ104
New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
12.00 Buy
3 tracks previously available only on cassette compilations, now re-mastered by Rude66, expect a load of dark electro / wave / acid madness. Tip!
Mannequin Records (12" EP) MNQ 104
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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Alexander Arpeggio : Streng Geheim EP
Neubau (12" EP) BAU007
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
13.50 Buy
Neubau, Spacelexx, Industrial, techno, downtempo, wave
Autechre : Incunabula
Warp (2x12" LP) WARP LP17R
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
28.50 Buy
Classic Autechre
Autechre : Tri Repetae
Warp (2x12" LP) WARPLP38R
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
28.50 Buy
Classic Autechre
B12 : Electro-Soma
Warp (2x12" LP) WARP LP9R
Back In Stock, Techno
28.50 Buy
IDM, UK Techno Classic
Best Available Technology : Live At Take 5
No Corner (Cassette Tape) NC012
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
8.00 Buy
Cruising through at around 60mins, this recording stumbles, plunges and rises through a hissing swarm of delays and bruk-up rhythms, in undeniable BAT style.
Editions Gravats (12" LP) GRVTS010LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, News, Techno
22.50 Buy
Modular Excursion, chopped & screwed techno and ambient
Borusiade : A Body
Cómeme ‎ (12" LP) COMEME 043
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
15.00 Buy
Hypnotic, shadowy EBM and post-industrial
Brainwaltzera : Remix EP
Film (12" EP) film008
Detroit Techno / Electro, Techno
13.00 Buy
AFX style Electro with nice remixes by Philipp Otterbach, Eva Geist & more.
Chevel : Always Yours
Different Circles ‎ (12" LP) DIFFLP002
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
22.50 Buy
Mumdance and Logos’ Different Circles label deliver their first ever artist album with this deadly, stylized full length from Dario Tronchin aka Chevel, floating in weightless space somewhere between Lee Gamble, Logos, Actress, Aphex Twin and Alva Noto.
Demdike Stare : Wonderland
Modern Love (2x12" LP) LOVE105
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
27.50 Buy
Rave, Dancehall, Jungle, Ambient, Techno
DJ Fett Burger : Track One
Mongo Fett ‎ (12" EP) FETT303
House, Sex Tags, Techno
8.50 Buy
Leftfield House trips
Dj Normal 4 : Vivid EP
Klasse Wrecks (12" LP) WRECKS010
Back In Stock, House, Techno
10.50 Buy
Acid/Breakbeat House