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10999 Berlin


Wania (12" EP) WANIA 9106
House, Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Sex Tags
E-Gzr : Metalurgic Funk Vol. 1
Wania (12" EP) Wania 9105
House, Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Sex Tags
Equiknoxx : Colón Man
Demdike Stare (2x12" LP) DDS027
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Reggae / Dub, Techno
25.50 Buy
Equiknoxx’s debut album proper, following the hugely acclaimed 'Bird Sound Power' (Number 2 in both RA and FACT albums of the year 2016), featuring 13 brand new nuggets recorded over the last 12 months and featuring darker, more psychedelic, starkly dubbed perspectives on up-to-the-second dancehall.
Eye : Cocktail Mexico
Knekelhuis (10'' EP) KH012
New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
13.00 Buy
Synth-Pop, Acid, New Wave
Gil Barte ‎ : Sssjp EP
Neubau (12" EP) BAU008
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
13.50 Buy
Neubau, industrial, wave, techno
Hieroglyphic Being : The Disco's Of Imhotep
Technicolour (12" LP) TCLR015
Chicago House, House, Techno
23.00 Buy
Techno afrofuturism!
Diskant (12" EP) DISK09
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House, Techno
10.50 Buy
Percussive, Dancehall, Dub, Techno, Leftfield House TIP :) !!
Hunee : Hunchin' All Night
Rush Hour Recordings (2x12" LP) RHMC 001
Africa, Afro-Disco, Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Detroit Techno / Electro, Disco, House, News, Techno
26.00 Buy
Hunee :)
Hypnodrom : Live At Lomardo Bar
Kashual Plastic (Cassette Tape) KASHUALMIXTAPE005
8.00 Buy
Live Session Of Raw Drum Machine Works
Instinct : Mindsearch
Sound Metaphors Records (12" EP) SMR002
Back In Stock, Detroit House, Detroit Techno / Electro, House, Techno
8.50 Buy
Detroit Techno reissued, mixed by Anthony Shake Shakir
Kris Baha : Autora
CockTail d'Amore Music (12" EP) CDA020
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
13.50 Buy
Lata Ramasar : The Greatest Name That Lives / Hiway Xpress
(12" EP) LR-TGNTL-AA edit
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
12.00 Buy
Now legendary Alessandro Adriani remixes of Hindustani disco! TIP!
LNS & DJ Sotofett : Missed Connection
Wania (12" EP) WANIATRE-2
House, Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Dubbed out, atmospheric House in two versions
LNS : Recons One
LNS (12" EP) LNS01
Sex Tags, Techno
9.00 Buy
Electro, sex tags
Mosa : Grafiti Tapes 8
(Cassette Tape) Grafiti Tapes 8
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House, New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
10.00 Buy
Mosa’s tape for Grafiti Tapes includes original music made by the artist, these tracks are hard to define but vague strains and sounds of trap, gothic and experimental music can be heard in this weird and twisted hybrid. Equally loose and organic, the music soundtracks Mosa’s visual art seamlessly.
Nick Klein : Lowered Flaming Coffin
Alter (12" EP) ALT 39
News, Techno
11.50 Buy
Agitated Rave, Techno and Electronics by this L.I.E.S., Unknown Precept and Bank Records recording artist Nick Klein; recorded in Brooklyn NY, on an economic set-up.