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Dark Entries

Patrick Cowley ‎ : Muscle Up
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE-106
Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
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:) we love Patrick Cowley !!
Patrick Cowley ‎ : School Daze
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE-052
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco, New Wave / Post-Punk
29.00 Buy
Severed Heads : Come Visit The Big Bigot
Dark Entries (2x12" LP) DE 180
New Wave / Post-Punk
28.00 Buy
Tom Ware : Tom Ware
Dark Entries (12" LP) DE-176
New Wave / Post-Punk
21.50 Buy
Tranceonic : New Crime
Dark Entries (12" LP) DE-175
New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
21.50 Buy
Dark Entries on their best game with this pre-Yello collection by Carlos Peron and Boris Blank, presenting the first ever collection of their near-mythical Tranceonic recordings.