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Haku : Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music Of Haku)

EM Japan - (12" LP) EM1136LP


*Beautifully mystic mix of electronic and organic sources from 1975 washed up with Hawaiian, Japanese and English voices. Remastered and reissued for 2015. Deeply intoxicating stuff. Includes original liner notes reprinted on rear with lyrics in Hawaiian and English**

“LP version. Synthesizers and the human voice. Hawaii. The 1970s. Haku, aka Frank Tavares, a writer and musician, had a deep respect for the multiethnic character of his native Hawaii, and composed a number of theater pieces and songs to highlight this culture. However, he avoided many of the standard musical tropes, choosing to build his own studio and make all the music on synthesizers, a first for Hawaii. New age musical elements, traditional Hawaiian music, and unclassifiable madness, all played on glorious analog synths, are the foundation for songs and stories delivered in Hawaiian, Japanese, and English, reflecting Hawaii’s multiethnic nature. Developed and recorded over several years, released in 1975 on vinyl, and woefully hard to find, it is now reissued for the first time.”

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