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Indirect Meets Nikolaienko : Ode To The Sea

Muscut - (12" LP) Muscut 6


“Ukrainian label ‘Muscut’ releases its third record this year, the previous records were 7 inches by Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno and LP by Andrew Pekler. The album called ‘Ode To The Sea’ will become the 6th release of the label. It was created with participation of most active underground representatives from Kiev and Odessa. The lion’s share of release material was created by the Indirect project and the label boss Dmytro Nikolaienko. Songs ‘Miracle’ and ‘Red Tent’ are recorded featuring Ann Bryozone, and in the ‘Dazed Night’ percussion is performed by Danish experimental musician Mads Emil Nielsen. ‘Ode To The Sea’ represents a result of program cooperation and ode to Soviet musical heritage with its jazz experiments, great space-age canvases, unique massive of library music and sentimental soundtracks. Deep respect to traditions and their reinterpretation took their shape in bits of dub and krautrock, jazz fusion waves, extensional sound textures and hypnotizing lo-fi vocal messages. Minding the traditions, the musicians succeeded to deliver the mood of an ancient mystery. It sounds like a psychedelic soundtrack to the movie that never existed. Just imagine listening to a Soviet jazz band being on ecstasy and you’ll get it.”
Artem Super Ikra


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