Reichenberger Str. 152
10999 Berlin

Jonny Nash : Eden

Melody As Truth - (12" LP) MAT6
Ambient, Balearic, New Age, Jazz


As with every release Nash graced in the last few years, from the Gaussian Curve LPs with Gigi Masin and Marco Sterk to his splits with Suzanne Kraft and a sublime string of solo sides, Eden glistens with a rare allure that pays testament to the artist’s heightened sound sensitivity and near ineffably sophisticated vibe.

In Eden Jonny finds his soul somewhere between a gong bath, avant-jazz minimalism and 4th world new age, at times recalling a slightly slackened version of Elodie’s sublime tension and at others recalling the drifting scents of K. Leimer’s early work, but with an opiated smudge which is not familiar to either of them, yet distinctly unique to the seductive, quietly radiant aura of Eden.

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