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SK U Kno : U KNO

Rush Hour Recordings - (12" LP) RHD-033U KNO
SK is a man that many of U (might) Kno already. Here he is in more 'out-there' mode. A strong LP of abstractions from this very talented L.A. bred / Amsterdam based musician... Comes with Insert. TIP!


Words from the Author:

‘Here comes another alias…
These ideas were originally drafted and prepared for two live performances in Paris and Amsterdam in 2017. I took a reactionary approach to these performances, specifically in that I would not “perform” anything but rather “present” what could be called a snapshot of my studio explorations at the time. To be presented on record, outside of a live performance setting, some amendments have been made but the live sequence has remained intact.
Play it loud.’

Everything by D. Herrera

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