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Zru Vogue : Assembly For Body Movements

Mélodies Souterraines - (12" LP) MEA 0002
An introduction to Zru Vogue's world. A percussive no wave, minimal and funky electro.


All music composed, performed, and recorded by Zru Vogue between 1980 & 2011. To be released on vinyl for March, 20th.

Formed in Palo Alto, California (U.S.A), Zru Vogue explores since 80’s the psychedelic side of electronic music through avant-pop, post punk and a funky minimalist rock. Modernity reflects their art: abrasive collages of sounds from guitars, voices, synthesizers … Defining a large trippy world full of creativity. Find here liberty and extravaganza, all of that tempered by serious cold tones.

Zru Vogue is Andrew L. Jackson & Rick Cuevas.
On “Cumulonimbus” accompagnied by Tom Sanders & Nancy Miller.
On 3 tracks from B-Side, accompagnied by Angélique.

“Cumulonimbus” (A1) was released on vinyl in 1981 on Adolescent Records.The 3 tracks from side B was self-released in 1984 on a tape called “Now!”…”Penetrating Octavia” & “No Occupancy” was composed in 2011 and never released on vinyl, too.

Vinyl cut (mastering) by Simon Davey at The Exchange.

All rights reserved to the artist, M.E.A (Musiques Electroniques Actuelles) and Late-Night Rec.

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