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Ambient / Folk / Experimental

154 : Strike
NWAQ ‎ (2x12" LP) APE-LP01
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
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Classic repress : Ambient Techno, House
48 Cameras : Chosen Songs
Stroom (12" LP) STRLP-019
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Experimental, Ambient, Poetry
Lullabies For Insomniacs (2x12" LP) LFI003 (14)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Dadaesque slowmotion cacophony - hypnosis.. vocal synthesizers!
Akis : Space, Time and Beyond (Selected Works 1986-2016)
Into The Light (2x12" LP) ITL005
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory
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Andy Rantzen : Rain in the Morning, Sun in the Afternoon / Dark Sea
Les Cidres (7') N/A
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Reggae / Dub
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Angelo Ioakimoglu : The Nireus Years (1995​-​1997)
Into The Light (12" LP) ITL007
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Jazz, boogie, ambient 4th world styles - TIP ! :)
Annelies Monseré : Happiness Is Within Sight
Stroom (12" LP) STRLP-017
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
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"This is a record about a parting of ways. It is dedicated to the one who has been left behind and the one who left."
Ashtray Navigations : To Make A Fool Ask & You Are The First
Blackest Ever Black (12" LP) BEB056 (14)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Kosmische, Krautrock, psychedelia.
Bambounou : parametr perkusja
DISK (12" EP) DISK14 (12)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
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Belarisk : Moments In Shapeshifting
Type Recordings (12" LP) TYPE130
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Beautiful explorative album. Tip!
Beverly Glenn-Copeland : Keyboard Fantasies
Seance Centre (12" LP) 01SC
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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Reissue (Atlast Records, 1986) - Rural Canadian new age suite for DX7 and TR-707
Black Merlin : Kosua
Island Of The Gods (2x12" LP) IOTG005
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Asia, Techno
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Back in 2015 George Thompson AKA Black Merlin started a deep love affair with the remote island of Papua New Guinea. After his first album ‘Hipnotik Tradisi’, released on Island Of The Gods; George was intrigued to find a place drenched in culture and untouched by the western world.
Editions Gravats (12" LP) GRVTS010LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, News, Techno
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Modular Excursion, chopped & screwed techno and ambient
Cabaret Du Ciel : Skies In The Mirror
Hybride Sentimento (12" LP) HYB.001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic
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Cabaret Du Ciel was an electronic research project based on atmospheric ambient and harmonic textures.
Carola Baer : The Story Of Valerie
Concentric Circles ‎ (12" LP) CC 001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
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First up is Carola Baer's The Story of Valery, which is comprised of music from a one-off demo cassette found in a thrift store. Beautiful personal & emotionally resonant drum computer mantras in the key of Dead Can Dance, The Cocteau Twins and classic 4AD.
Chevel : Always Yours
Different Circles ‎ (12" LP) DIFFLP002
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
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Mumdance and Logos’ Different Circles label deliver their first ever artist album with this deadly, stylized full length from Dario Tronchin aka Chevel, floating in weightless space somewhere between Lee Gamble, Logos, Actress, Aphex Twin and Alva Noto.