Reichenberger Str. 152
10999 Berlin

Ambient / Folk / Experimental

Aine O'Dwyer : Gegenschein
Penultimate Press (12" LP) PP26
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
21.50 Buy
Mesmerising organ and vocal drones
Lullabies For Insomniacs (2x12" LP) LFI003
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
26.00 Buy
Dadaesque slowmotion cacophony - hypnosis.. vocal synthesizers!
Ariel Kalma : An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979)
Rvng Intl. (2x12" LP) RERVNG05
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock, Jazz
32.00 Buy
Incredible Spiritual Jazz and Tape Loop experiments
ASDA : The McDonald's Prayer
No Corner (12" EP) NC 12004
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
14.00 Buy
Experimental Poetry, Noise, Industrial
Ashtray Navigations : To Make A Fool Ask & You Are The First
Blackest Ever Black (12" LP) BEB056
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
20.00 Buy
Kosmische, Krautrock, psychedelia.
Autechre : Incunabula
Warp (2x12" LP) WARP LP17R
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
28.50 Buy
Classic Autechre
Autechre : Tri Repetae
Warp (2x12" LP) WARPLP38R
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
28.50 Buy
Classic Autechre
Belarisk : Moments In Shapeshifting
Type Recordings (12" LP) TYPE130
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
19.00 Buy
Beautiful explorative album. Tip!
Best Available Technology : Live At Take 5
No Corner (Cassette Tape) NC012
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
8.00 Buy
Cruising through at around 60mins, this recording stumbles, plunges and rises through a hissing swarm of delays and bruk-up rhythms, in undeniable BAT style.
Beverly Glenn-Copeland : Keyboard Fantasies
Seance Centre (12" LP) 01SC
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
25.00 Buy
Reissue (Atlast Records, 1986) - Rural Canadian new age suite for DX7 and TR-707
Editions Gravats (12" LP) GRVTS010LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, News, Techno
22.50 Buy
Modular Excursion, chopped & screwed techno and ambient
Clara Mondshine : Luna Africana
The Great Thunder (12" LP) TGT432
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk
27.00 Buy
Sublime Berlin School, Ambient Krautrock cult classic.
Dire Wolves / Head Of Wantastiquet : Head Of Wantastiquet / Dire Wolves
Pome Pome Tones (Cassette Tape) PPT-7
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
10.00 Buy
Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Avantgarde
Keys Of Life (2x12" LP) life-29
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco, House, Sex Tags
18.50 Buy
Opening up for loosely leftfield (Disco) House related, free styling, pulsating Electronica / Ambient
Emotional Response (12" EP) ERSS003
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
21.50 Buy
Hypnotic music, ambient, abstract, folk, psychedelic rhythm trips!
Dr C. : Album
(Cassette Tape) N/A
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
9.00 Buy
This release consist on a new Jorge C. project called Dr. C, focused on field recordings from his past Southeast-Asian travel & percussion recordings including a remix from Max D.
El Sueño De Hyparco : Ambientes Hormonales
Urpa i musell (12" LP) UiM 001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, News
25.50 Buy
Reissue of El sueño de Hyparco’s Ambientes hormonales, originally released in 1990 under the Spanish label Hyades Arts. Ambientes hormonales represents the mysterious missing link between the 80s New Music movement in Madrid and the beginnings of contemporary Electronic music in Spain in the 90s.
Eli Keszler : Last Signs Of Speed
Empty Editions (2x12" LP) EE001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
26.50 Buy
Percussive, Dub-influenced rhythmic constellations
Gabriel Saloman : Movement Building Vol. 3
Shelter Press (12" LP) SP085LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
22.50 Buy
Gabriel Saloman completes his Movement Building cycle of works for dance on Shelter Press with a pensively climactic third volume. Plangent echoes of monotone Krautrock and militant snare rolls march across a cinematic no-man’s-lands, urged by shoegaze guitars and neo-classical chamber orchestration
Grischa Lichtenberger : Spielraum | Allgegenwart | Strahlung
Raster-Noton (3x12" LP Box) R-N168-2
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Disco
42.00 Buy
Political drone, noise ballads, mechanical rhythms. Raster-Noton
Frederiksberg Records (12" LP) FRB 003
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
27.50 Buy
Official re-issue of Danish electronic music from 1974! ‘Stoned’ by Gunner Møller Pedersen is a pioneering partly-electronic composition. Gunner believes that it’s musically “out of category”. It was created for a slide show with focus on sculptures by the late american photographer Stuart Fox.
Diskant (12" EP) DISK09
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House, Techno
10.50 Buy
Percussive, Dancehall, Dub, Techno, Leftfield House TIP :) !!
Hinosch : Hinosch
TAL (12" EP) TAL005
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Japan, News
11.00 Buy
Crooked, absorbing Rhythm ’N Noise deviation from Koshiro Hino (YPY) and Stefan Schneider’s Hinosch
Hiroshi Yoshimura : Pier & Loft
17853 Records (12" LP) RFLP004
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Asia, Back In Stock, Japan
26.50 Buy
Effortless, Serene Japanese Minimalism & Ambient
Ilia Belorukov : There Was Hardly Anybody There
Spina! Rec (Cassette Tape) sr026
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
10.00 Buy
Experimental, Field Recording
Jabu & Killing Sound : Live At The Tape-Echo Studio / Real Love
No Corner (Cassette Tape) NC001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
10.00 Buy
Dread filled trip through acute FM synthesis, not for the faint-hearted or those of a nervous disposition.
Rvng Intl. (12" LP) FRKWYS13
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
25.50 Buy
Incredible, effervescent modular synth excursions from two figureheads of synthesizer music.. TIP!
Boomkat Editions (12" LP) BK12X1204
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
22.50 Buy
Beautiful piano drone work from Kara-Lis Coverdale.
Korea Undok Group : Korea Undok Group
Penultimate Press (12" LP) PP24
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
21.50 Buy
Industrial decay, rhythmic pulse onwards to piano etudes and fractured possession
László Hortobágyi : Transrepublica Meccano
Lullabies For Insomniacs (12" LP) LFI 009
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
24.00 Buy
Hungarian Ambient, A Tapestry Of Sample Based Magic Transcribed From Travels Across The Orient
Life Garden : Songs From The Other Side Of Emptiness
Lullabies For Insomniacs (12" LP + 7") LFI004
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
23.50 Buy
Beautiful transcendental space, acoustic instrumentation and electronic effects
Lino Capra Vaccina : Antico Adagio
Die Schachtel (12" LP) DS27 1
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
29.00 Buy
Hauntingly spirited Minimalist New Age recorded in 1978
Michel Banabila : Trespassing / Marilli
Seance Centre (2x12" LP) 02SC
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, News
31.00 Buy
Stunning Compilation Of The Dutch Artist Focusing On His Incursions Into Otherworldly & Imagined Realms - TIP!
Mika Vainio : Mannerlaatta
iDEAL Recordings (2x12" LP) IDEAL149LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
29.50 Buy
Ambient/Brutalist Soundtrack
Mosa : Grafiti Tapes 8
(Cassette Tape) Grafiti Tapes 8
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, House, New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
10.00 Buy
Mosa’s tape for Grafiti Tapes includes original music made by the artist, these tracks are hard to define but vague strains and sounds of trap, gothic and experimental music can be heard in this weird and twisted hybrid. Equally loose and organic, the music soundtracks Mosa’s visual art seamlessly.
TAL (12" EP) TAL02
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk, Reggae / Dub, Techno
11.00 Buy
Excellent percussive and club interpretations by Lena Willikens, Tolouse Low Trax, Don't DJ and Orson
Ossia & Robin Stewart : Live On Noods Radio 16/08/16
Noods Radio (Cassette Tape) Noods radio 001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Reggae / Dub
10.00 Buy
A wholly consuming journey via the deepest drones, 33rpm-drenched-in-echo wax reinterpretations, abyssal dub sirens, all congealed into a vast mesh of improvised, collateral sound-collage.
Raime : Quarter Turns Over A Living Line
Blackest Ever Black (2x12" LP) BLACKESTLP001
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
23.00 Buy
Sparse ambient, heavy and intense
Raster-Noton : Source Book 1
Raster-Noton (Book) r-n175
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Techno
95.00 Buy
Comprehensive and authorized review of the past 20 years of the label raster-noton
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe : Levitation Praxis Pt 4
DDS (12" LP) DDS025LP
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
24.00 Buy
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe plays Harry Bertoia’s sound sculptures with beautifully droning results - Highly Recommended!
Sensations' Fix : Music Is Painting In The Air
Rvng Intl. (2x12" LP) ReRVNG02
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
34.00 Buy
Beautiful psychedelic and progressive rock
Serge Bulot : Les Legendes De Brocéliande
Camisole (12" LP) cam 11
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Jazz, News
25.50 Buy
Beautiful Ambient & Electronic Jazz, Captivating & Ethereal Tracks Soundtracking A Mythical French Forest
Suso Sáiz : Odisea
Music From Memory (2x12" LP) MFM009
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Music From Memory
23.50 Buy
Beautiful minimalism and ambient hypnosis
17853 Records (12" LP) RFLP002
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Asia
20.00 Buy
Contemporary Synthscapes, pulsating, ambient, techno-pop
Teresa Winter : Untitled Death
The Death Of Rave (12" LP) RAVE020
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
23.00 Buy
Teresa Winter’s LP debut Untitled Death is a hallucinogenic wormhole of sensuously ambiguous pop and electronic experiments primed for the after-after party and altered states of reception.
The Cube Of Unknowing : Burren Mount
Fort Evil Fruit (Cassette Tape) FEF47
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
10.00 Buy
Weaving together tattered fragments of dissolving synths, blurred rhythms and other sonic visitations. The result evokes the romanticism of late night end-credits, displaced soundtracks, straight-to-video erotica, unidentified radio transmissions and covert experiments.
The Durian Brothers : Mischgewebe
DISK (Cassette Tape) DISK 11
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
10.00 Buy
Experimental, Tribal, Leftfield
Unearth Noise : Prayer and Resonance
Lullabies For Insomniacs (2x12" LP) LFI002
Ambient / Folk / Experimental
23.00 Buy
Superb mixture of experimental, electronic, rock and folk influences. Tip!
Various Artists : Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon
Numero Group (12" LP) NUM008
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock
27.50 Buy
Compiled Private Pressed & Obscure Folk.. BIG TIP! Includes Collie Ryan's beautiful track 'Cricket'
Sex Tags Amfibia (12" LP) AMFIBIA 22
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Sex Tags
12.50 Buy
Early 1980s New Age reminiscent Ambient album
Vito Ricci : A Symphony For Amiga
Intelligent Instruments (12" LP) ININ01
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Balearic
25.00 Buy
Beautiful ambient TIP! Vito Ricci's first original music in decades.
Yasuaki Shimizu : Kakashi
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Asia, Japan, Jazz, New Wave / Post-Punk, News
25.50 Buy
Top reissue of celebrated Japanese Ambient-Jazz-Pop