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New Wave / Post-Punk

Alessandro Adriani : Fall Elsewhere and Shatter
Pinkman (12" LP) PBD07
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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EBM, Techno, Industrial
Mannequin Records (12" EP) MNQ104
New Wave / Post-Punk, News, Techno
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3 tracks previously available only on cassette compilations, now re-mastered by Rude66, expect a load of dark electro / wave / acid madness. Tip!
Mannequin Records (12" EP) MNQ 104 (1)
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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Alexander Arpeggio : Streng Geheim EP
Neubau (12" EP) BAU007 (2)
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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Neubau, Spacelexx, Industrial, techno, downtempo, wave
ASDA : The McDonald's Prayer
No Corner (12" EP) NC 12004
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Experimental Poetry, Noise, Industrial
Ashtray Navigations : To Make A Fool Ask & You Are The First
Blackest Ever Black (12" LP) BEB056 (14)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, New Wave / Post-Punk
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Kosmische, Krautrock, psychedelia.
Bastion : Bastion
ACC Records (12" LP) ACC001 (13)
New Wave / Post-Punk
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Killer, super-rare Yugoslavian New Wave / Pop from 1984
Black Seed : Weirdness Of Being
Pinkman (12" EP) PBD13 (19)
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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EBM, Techno, Industrial
Borusiade : A Body
Cómeme ‎ (12" LP) COMEME 043 (6)
New Wave / Post-Punk, Techno
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Hypnotic, shadowy EBM and post-industrial
C Cat Trance : Screaming Ghosts
Malka Tuti (2x12" LP) MT009
Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk, Reggae / Dub
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Post-Punk, Middle Eastern Dub, Dance
Carla Dal Forno : The Garden
Blackest Ever Black (12" EP) blackest068
New Wave / Post-Punk, News
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Psychedelic, Minimal Synth, 'Pop', Drone..
Carlos Peron : Dirty Songs
Dark Entries (12" EP) DE-092 (19)
New Wave / Post-Punk
17.00 Buy
Carlos Peron (YELLO), New Beat & EBM - TIP ! :)
Clara Mondshine : Luna Africana
The Great Thunder (12" LP) TGT432
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Back In Stock, New Wave / Post-Punk
27.00 Buy
Sublime Berlin School, Ambient Krautrock cult classic.
Cybe : Tropisch Verlangen
Stroom (12" LP) STRLP-006 (17)
Ambient / Folk / Experimental, Asia, Balearic, New Wave / Post-Punk
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The wonderful STROOM 〰 label expand their precious archive of Lowlands-based synth music with a flowering compilation of Siebe Baarda aka Cybe’s ersatz exotic electronics; Tropisch Verlangen, or Tropical Desire, recorded in the 80's and cast aside to languish in obscurity more or less ever since. Br
Denis Mpunga & Paul K : Criola Remixed
Music From Memory (12" EP) MFM023 (8)
Africa, House, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
18.00 Buy
MFM's curious and utterly killer Afro/Belgian electronic project gets the re-whip by a bunch of current producers. The EP also includes the previously unreleased, Veronika V02 (a synth bass heavy version of the compilation track, Veronika 02).
Music From Memory (12" LP) MFM019 (8)
Africa, Music From Memory, New Wave / Post-Punk
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