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1x12" 45 RPM Reissue Remastered Stereo

Jan 1, 2022 - Germany

Extremely unique Italian production featuring Freestyle beat driven Italo with Brazilian lyrics, clearly produced at higher studio standards, remastered.


A1 - Venha (Remix)
B1 - Venha (Instrumental)
B2 - Venha (Vhena Dub Bob One Remix)

About this record:

Imagine for a moment that Arthur Russel had learned to speak Brazilian and then moved to Italy to produce an Italo-Disco single back in 1984. There's a good chance it would sound like the Dub version of the B side on this record (Remixed by Bob One). A percussive foundation channeling Latin Freestyle beats sets the groundwork for the chill sunset vibed melody to pleasantly unfold intertwined with the alluring Brazilian lyrics. The recording engineering on this production is clearly at a higher standard (than the usual neighborhood italo disco studio from back in the day) with some of the techniques at play giving it a very balanced and sophisticated sound for its time. The meticulous remastering this re-issue underwent allow for a generous low end with crystal clear mid range – game changing on any well calibrated dance floor sound system.

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