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The Disciples


1xLP Stereo

Jan 1, 2022 - Germany

Previously unreleased collection of dubby instrumental downtempo productions by the Disciples originally conceived in the mid 90s.


A1 - Some Things
A2 - Dream Stream
B1 - Two Minds
B2 - Fantasy
C1 - Vortexion
C2 - Shadows
D1 - Fire Night
D2 - Overflown

About this record:

A beautifully produced collection of instrumental tracks by The Disciples' Russ Bell-Brown featuring 8 excursions in chill out, atmospheric downtempo and dubby breakbeat. Surely we wouldn't be surprised to hear some of these at a Cafe del Mar sunset session in Ibiza. The way these tracks build up over a gradient (sometimes up to 11 minutes long) from silence to mellowed out spacial trance was clearly not done with industry standards of any sort in mind, allowing the listener to dive deep into the takes of this uncompromising producer. The title Experiments couldn't be more appropriate. In his own words: “This is a collection of tracks recorded in the mid 90`s... not reggae but what i call my `experiments`... downtempo, electronic, ambient, ethnic, jazzy, funky, dubby.... whatever came into my mind.” Surgically re-mastered for vinyl by manmade mastering in Berlin.

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